Friday, May 11, 2007

Thomas Aquinas is dumber than a 1980s sitcom star, or Kirk Cameron is at it again ...

I guess technically, for me, it's really a wash.

You may recall this: Kirk Cameron waxing biblical for 30 minutes about why the banana is proof of creationism.

Well, our dear Mike Seaver is at it again, having appeared recently on Nightline to help kick off what they are endearingly referring to as "Nightline Face-Off" (It is such a clever title, I'll let you guess what the segment is like). Apparently he came with something that "no theologian, philosopher, or sitcom star in recorded history" had ever had: not one, but three (3) unequivocal proofs for the existence of "God." In a nutshell, here's his 3 proofs:

  • All things have makers
  • the human conscience is evidence of a higher moral power
  • if you read the Gospel, then Christ will be revealed to you

My dear, dear, antiquated and washed up actor nutjob friend -- open your god-damned eyes (seemed appropriate?) please. I'm not going to go off and attack these ridiculous (and old) arguments for the existence of a higher power. To quote the linked Slate article, "for reasons too stupid to type, this was not an airtight case." You really only need to pick up any number of books to see exactly why these "proofs" are asinine -- The God Delusion, however cliche at this point, blows the first two out of the water, and, Christ, every atheist on the planet (myself included) who have read the "Good News" are counter-examples to the third.

Check out the article, linked below, for a more in-depth report of the shenanigans.