Monday, April 09, 2007

Venom finally shows his ugly face

After months and months of wondering what the movie version of Spider-man's venomous nemisis (how's that for alliteration?) would look like, Yahoo! Movies has finally got the scoop. They released a new version of the coveted "Final" Spider-man 3 trailer in which there is a 1 second clip of Venom lunging at the screen, mouth open wide. Overall, I like it a lot. I wish he was a bit tongue-ier though.

Yes, tongue-ier is a word. Obviously

[UPDATE 4/22] has discovered the first studio produced image of Venom. He looks pretty darn tonguey.

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  • I think the Raimi-Venom is a great deception for all that Venom fans. It seems Sam Raimi had an accurate perception about what thing Venom should be for Spiderman Universe. Unfortunately, in its very own creativity, Sam eliminated all the symbolisms that many drawers, despite small changes, knew to preserve.

    GREAT WHITE LOGO IN CHEST. Contrast between white and black means danger, “be careful”, poisson. Just look at the nature, any bug with this color pattern is saying “hey, buddy. Stay away”. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a tiny grey spider, barely visible.

    GREAT TEETH ALWAYS EXPOSED. This means aggression and violence at extreme and permanent. Is not Venom this, always?. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a couple of big lips covering mostly time tiny teeth. Just look at the production photos. I hope he is smiling or yawning all the movie, that’s will be the only way to see that teeth.

    HEIGHT. Size matters. It means power and implicit domination. Instead, Raimi-Venom is almost a dwarf.

    GREAT TONGUE. Sadism and cruelty, they are basic in Venom’s personality. If it has, Raimi-Venom doesn’t shows anything like that.

    Sam… destroyed symbolisms in Venom, so you destroyed Venom

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:55 AM  

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