Thursday, March 29, 2007

Peanut Butter is not "primordial soup"

Consider this a follow-on to Kirk Cameron's previously documented madness. I find it humorous whenever a Creationist or an Intelligent-Design-believer opens his or her mouth because, quite frankly, an astronomical percentage of them are just so blatantly science-ignorant. Isn't the first rule of war to "know thy enemy"? Apparently these people didn't get that particular memorandum.

I've read the Bible (more than I can say for most Christians!); some parts even more than once! I've read Augustine AND Aquinas. How many Christians even recognized two of their most prolific writers? I read this stuff because it astounds me that people believe in it, and I am genuinely curious about it.

So why is it that "Bible-thumpers" refuse to pick up Darwin, or Dawkins, or Harris, or Hawkins, or Einstein, or Jefferson, or any other writer in history from whom they may actually learn something. Why don't they look at me and wonder how I can not believe? They don't have to believe what they read or regard it as true, but it sure would help your case if you were at least quasi-familiar with the material you are speaking about.

And that is a rant I was not panning on writing. I'm out.

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  • Interesting... since nearly all secularists and especially militant atheists are pretty much totally religion ignorant- as witness the off the wall things they accuse religious people of. Remarkably few of them, for example, can even accurately define intelligent design.

    Nor, BTW, does reading polemical rants on any subjet generally lead to greater understanding.

    By Blogger Bob Waters, at 11:43 AM  

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