Sunday, May 21, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand accidentally gets it right!

Well, the first (geek) credible review of X-Men: The Last Stand has come in via Ain't It Cool News. AIC has been following the hardships of X3 closely since, pretty much, they walked out of the theater for X2 - and they are very well documented hardships. Every Magic Eight Ball in the world has been displaying "All signs point to suck" with this movie from the very beginning, but the good news is that, just maybe, Brett Ratner has, indeed, laid a golden egg. Here's a snippet of the review, check out the rest at the link. I believe it is spoiler free for the most part.

Yes, it’s true. Brett Ratner has stuck the landing.

The original X-MEN was, by comparison to its two sequels, a low-budget affair. X2 and X3 look pretty much like they are two halves of one movie, however. Ratner and his crew took their cues from what Bryan Singer had done, due in large part to the same producers being in place and maintaining some sense of continuity between the films, and the result is that this feels pretty cohesive, picking up right on the heels of the second film."


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