Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Prediction: Sony is doomed. An E3 Report Prelude

I honestly have so much to say about the notorious Electronic Enterntainment Expo, E3, that I am feeling quite overwhelmed by the weight of it all. I have no idea how paid journalists keep up; oh, wait, they are paid.

For a good introspective on Sony and their unadulterated stupidity (it can now be confirmed!) my buddy LC1201 has written up some thoughts here. Do check it out.

So, you heard it hear first (I've been saying this for about 3 years however), Sony is so doomed. The Playstation 3 may very well be their last console, and if it is not, the Playstation 4 most certainly will be.

More to follow when I can find the time and creativity...

Here is a great article from about Sony's missteps.


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