Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Orioles Horror: Maier Motion Picture

Many of us (Baltimore People) remember Jeffrey Maier as the boy who stole our World Series. Well, this girl went and made a movie about it!

After a decade of Baltimore Orioles fans convincing themselves that the New York Yankees are the biggest cheaters in all of baseball, one Birds fan is taking steps to let go of a grudge she has been holding since she was 12.

Um, FYI, the Yankees were cheaters before Maier swooped in with the assist. It is a longstanding Yankee tradition.

Ten years later, Morhaim took her revenge in her short film I Hate Jeff Maier, which Morhaim did for her senior honor thesis. The film, which may get play in Baltimore theaters, is about a boy from the Orioles' home town who has hated baseball ever since that fateful playoff game in 1996. He quits Little League and has a pretty normal but baseball-free childhood until he goes to college. Six hundred miles from home, he runs into Maier.

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