Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sups, X-Men, Bond movie footage finds way online

Over the course of the weekend, arguably my three most anticipated movies saw footage find its way online to various extents.

To start things off, Hugh Jackman appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday night, bringing along with him a short clip from the movie that confirmed something that had long been rumored to appear in the movie: Spoiler Alert Sentinels Spoiler Alert. How freaking cool is that? Here's hoping they do it well. Check out the clip here at YouTube or here for a better quality AVI. X-Men: The Last Stand is due out May 26th.

Secondly, an Australian Coca-Cola commercial featuring some short shots from the upcoming Superman Returns. There isn't much to see, as it is only about 9 seconds long, but what is there definitely looks cool. Its just a few shots of Superman flying around. Find the clip here in AVI format. Superman Returns is due out June 30th.

And finally, we have Bond. James freakin' Bond. It looks like the first trailer for Casino Royale (set to debut in the next few weeks along with The DaVinci Code) found its way onto French Television this weekend. The bad news is that it is dubbed in french, so unless you speak the language, you're going to have no idea what is being said. The good news is that it doesn't matter and that it looks positively amazing. This movie looks like it combines the best of From Russia with Love with the best of GoldenEye. This Daniel Craig guy is really starting to take on the part for me, no matter how blonde he is. Are you ready for this? I know I am (although I had my reseverations before). Find the clip here to download in WMV format. Casino Royale is due out in November.

I heart movies.

A note for the Megaupload site: Let the counter in the upper right count down to Zero, then X out the MegaLinks box to reveal the download link. Enjoy.


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