Friday, April 28, 2006

Incredible Jon Favreau to direct Iron Man!

Marvel Studios has hired Jon Favreau to develop and direct the big-screen adaptation of Iron Man and has attracted an impressive roster of writers to help bring some of its high-profile characters to the big screen.

Personally, I think this is pretty good news. I love Favreau. I have definitely enjoyed everything in which I've seen him. This is the rich guy who dated Monica on Friends and wanted to be Ultimate Fighting Champion. This is the guy who embodied Matthew Murdock's better half, Foggy Nelson, in one of the bright spots of 2003's Daredevil. He's also written and directed quite a few films, not the least of which was last year's Jumangi quasi-sequel, Zathura.

I think Favreau is talented enough to provide the character piece which Iron Man really needs to be. I've only been following Shell Head for about 2 years--so I really can't claim to be an expert--but based on what I know of the character, Tony Stark is one of the richest (quite literally actually) characters in the Marvel Universe. If done well, Iron Man could be a great new franchise for Marvel - no doubt what they are hoping for.

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