Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dvorak Uncensored: Fixing California’s Problems

Dvorak Uncensored: Fixing California’s Problems

I can't claim to have any true knowledge of Californian cultures--having never been further west than Iowa--but this sounds very reasonable to me. I've always gathered that there are very, very distinct subcultures in California based upon my overly-obsessive interests in the Movie and Computer Industries. Dvorak's idea here seems very reasonable to me. I would even conjecture that Texas should similarly be divided. It is ridiculous that such large land masses ripe with such diversity are only represented by two Senators each.

This brings up another issue that has been bothering me of late: arbitrary borders. In the U.S., many of our state borders are based on geographical divisions (mountains, riviers, etc), but many others are completely arbitrary (see the "square states"). I know there is the historical, traditional, and even political arguments to keep them the same, but given that they were created centruries ago as the land was being discovered and completely new cultures and communities are springing up everywhere, perhaps its time for a re-bordering. In order for democracy to work the way the Founding Father's envisioned, shouldn't all communities get a voice?

This problem is also especially prevalent in Africa and the Middle East. Actually, I think it was the Daily Show that brought this issue to my attention because they were talking about the Iraqi Civi War. Iraq given its borders by some random country (England maybe?) years ago, with no regard for culture or anything. Lumping these people together is perhaps not the best idea and maybe Iraq needs to be more than one big country. Who knows - just an idea. Thoughts?

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