Wednesday, October 19, 2005

<sarcasm> Can I please get some commercials on my iPod? </sarcasm>

Technology News Article |
Apple's latest iPod, a video-enabled music player that serves up some of the season's hottest television shows without commercials, will likely prod advertisers to get serious about finding a foothold in portable media players, media buyers said."

It seems that advertisers are excited that Apple's latest little bombshell is video-capable, and looking forward to hijacking my personal music/video player. I look forward to the day when my future wifi enabled iPod has to dial out to some advertisement server, download and show a commercial before allowing me to play a video I have purchased. (Sort of like trying to watch anything on Is there no sanctuary from these clowns?

I hate that I have to watch tampon commercials during primetime television. I'm certainly not in the market for tampons.

I hate that I have to spend $9 on a movie ticket and sit through the same 15 commercials I see every week.

I hate that these companies have research teams writing sophisticated spyware to destroy my computer and our internet.

Personally, I'm ready for commercial free television. I'm ready to return to the days of yesteryear when they showed only movie previews before the feature. I'm ready for a malware-free internet. You?

That's not to say I'm down on advertising -- sometimes its useful. I'm all for targeted unobtrusive advertising a la Google's ad-sense. You barely even know it is there until something jumps out at you because it has to do with what you are doing. That is fine. I don't mind when there is product placement in shows, as long as it is not distracting. So they like to drink Pepsi on Two and a Half Men? I can see that. I can see that they drink Pepsi. They don't have to turn to the screen mid-scene and tell me, as if I am part of their splendid little show, to have a Pepsi with them (are you listening i, Robot???). Its getting to the point where certain commercials make me want to boycott whatever they are peddling just for wasting 30 seconds of my life.

This is a moot point anyhow, thanks to the wonders of PVR.

[Via Dvorak Uncensored]


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