Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dear Jack Thompson, Shut Up.

If you don't know whom Jack Thompson is, please see his entry in Wikipedia. According to Tim Buckley, you may find him in the encyclopedia under "Bible-whipped attention whore" or the lesser known section on giraffe sodomy. Penny-Arcade also had some lovely things to say about him. In a nutshell, he blames all of the world's troubles on videogames. You can guess how I feel about that -- pretty much the way most sane people feel. Sure, I can agree with not selling violent games to minors. But dearest Jack, it seems, would prefer death and dismemberment for the entire videogame industry. I think "Tycho" at Penny Arcade said it best:

He is batshit fucking loco insane."

Even people who are in agreement with his "platform" are distancing themselves from him. Anyhow, the point of this post was to give a reason to link to the hilarious-but-true comics at Ctr-Alt-Delete and Penny Arcade.


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