Sunday, October 09, 2005

George to big screen, curious

It is true. Curious George, that curious little monkey, is making his way to the big screen with his friend, the man-in-the-yellow-hat, to be voiced by none other than Frank-the-Tank, Will Ferrell. Anyone who has ever seen my room knows that I have a soft spot for George and all the trouble in which he always finds himself. Naturally, I'm a bit excited to see him get a movie after all these years, but, more importantly, it appears it is being done correctly. Why? Thought you'd never ask.

  • In an animation world that has recently become dominated by 3D Computer Renderings, not unlike Mike Myers' alter ego, Curious George is being done the old fashioned way; its a straight-up, hand drawn, cartoon, that maintains the artistic quality found in his series of books.
  • They didn't give him a tail, to make this "little monkey" an actual, anatomically-correct, monkey. Monkeys have tails, Chimps do not. I don't care who has a tail, as long as George does not.
  • Bewitchings aside, Will Ferrell is a funny man, and does pretty good work.
  • The soundtrack is in the hands of Jack Johnson, a very capable singer-songwriter. He could very well do for this movie what Randy Newman did for Toy Story. Let's hope there aren't too many short people in the movie.
  • The animation looks great!
  • and likely most importantly, Disney is not involved at all!


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