Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rejected iPod Engravings

Sometimes people want things engraved on their iPod, and Apple says no. However, usually the things they wanted were hilarious, and have been compiled by methodshop.

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  • Awesome. I don't know what I'd put on mine if I had an iPod.

    I should fix that actually. One of these days...

    By Blogger Christian, at 9:37 PM  

  • yes, you should. my iPod is the best thing ever. However, I don't really use it for music anymore....

    By Blogger Timmy, at 6:14 PM  

  • this one is mine.

    "One time at band camp."

    i tried a bunch of other stuff but it all got rejected. so i just gave up and did the American Pie quote.

    By Blogger Jonny, at 8:06 PM  

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