Friday, October 21, 2005

PvPonline: Jack enlists a new breed of Justice.

This was just too funny to ignore. I'm sure you've seen that Jack Thompson sent faxes to the Seattle PD (I wrote about it earlier). He took it one step further and contacted the FBI, claiming some sort of illegal cock fighting match -- which I believe he is losing. At any rate, the popular gaming web comic -- the one not named Penny-Arcade -- PvPonline has broken an exclusive story on Jack's latest, futile attempts at saving our world from evil. He has enlisted the help of, get this:

The Justice League of America

Says the fax from Jack to the JLA that PvP intercepted:
I need the help of the Justice Leauge to stop the evil forces of Penny Arcade. I will warn you that it is possible that they are in possession of kryptonite. I cannot confirm that, but these vile fiends are not above such diabolical means."

For the rest of the hilarious fax, check out the link below.

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