Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fort Minor

Have you heard about Fort Minor yet? I'm guessing it is likely that you have not; I just did. If you are perceptive in the ways of art, perhaps you have noticed a likeness between the Fort Minor logo to the left and the now famous logo for a little multi-platinum band named Linkin Park. There is a reason for this.

Fort Minor is the side project of Linkin Park emcee Mike Shinoda. He's the often overlooked rapper running around behind Chester Bennington's insane stage antics and wailing vocals. What many people do not realize is that Shinoda's contributions to the band are far greater than simply adding the hip-hop flaver to Linkin Park's sound; he is often the lone majority writer for many of their songs. In short, he is the musical genius that makes Linkin Park what it is.

But, unfortunately for a person like Shinoda, he has found himself confined by the sound that he played such an integral part in creating. Apparently, of late, he has been in need of an outlet of his true love: Hip-hop.

From the Fort Minor website:
The Rising Tied, the much-anticipated debut of Shinoda's Fort Minor, will be released by Machine Shop Recordings/Warner Bros., in Fall 2005. Executive Produced by Jay-Z (who collaborated with Linkin Park on 2004's Collision Course), The Rising Tied is produced and mixed by Shinoda, who wrote every track, played nearly every instrument and "slaved over every detail."

Stop by the website for more details on the November 22nd release, The Rising Tied. A few tracks are available to sample as well.


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