Thursday, September 15, 2005

Para Sonreír

Despite my recently diagnosed ailments and some annoyances at work, I've got to say that today I feel like smiling, for reasons both personal and worldly.

First and foremost, Kentucky's newest and most beautiful resident graced me with her presence last night (however simplistic in nature it may have been), as well as with some great and memorable photos. It is amazing what simply seeing her words on my screen has done for the melancholic incompleteness bestowed in my heart upon her recent departure.

Additionally, I patched up some animosity with one of my oldest and dearest friends. Things may not be perfect, but the road to recovery is well at hand.

In other news unrelated to myself, it looks as if Pierce Brosnan is, after a tumultuous year of cat and mouse, looking to reprise his venerated role as Ian Fleming's Special Agent 007, James Bond. This is tear-inducing news to anyone who has seen the capricious list of possible replacements that has been circling since news of Brosnan's departure was announced. Arguably the best Bond since Sir Sean Connery, Brosnan would be a welcome (re)addition to the forthcoming entry into the series, Casino Royale. A rant regarding Casino Royale will likely appear in the blog soon.

And finally, today is (hopefully) a revolutionary day for Nintendo fans, for videogame fans. At approximately 10pm this evening (11am tomorrow Japan time), Nintendo CEO Satura Iwata will take the stage at the annual Tokyo Game Show to give his keynote speech, where it is expected that he will shed light on Nintendo's mysterious new controller. This controller is said to bring about a much needed revolution in the world of videogames. If Nintendo fails to deliver on this promise, it is likely the videogame market will crash harder than a recent NASA endeavor into a brick wall in terms of innovation, destined to suffer perennial releases of the same Grand Theft Auto and Madden games we've seen year in and year out for years.


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