Thursday, August 17, 2006

TechTV == UndoTV

My, my, it certainly has been a while since I actually wrote anything in here. Personally, I blame it on YouTube and its insanely easy way of posting random movies.

Or, it could just be that I'm currently engaged in a battle of wits on my western front while my eastern front is already in shambles. (Exactly one [1] of you will understand what I'm talking about).

This post is about some very happy news. It's exhilirating really. It seems that my often lamented geek television station TechTV will be making a return - sort of.

For those who do not recall the television station of tech, it was a niche TV station with tons of shows dedicated to gadgets, computers, games, etc. It ran for about 6-7 years before Comcast purchased it, merged it with their horrible 24/7 Game Channel G4, and dismantled it of all personality and creativity over the course of six months. This deformed, uninspired and lame wad of suck is still not catching viewers to this day. I dare you to watch it for more than half an hour. Joystiq monitored one man's attempt at watching it for 24 hours. I believe he made it 21 hours, but after the first 5 he started to have hallucinations, and may have even swallowed his own tongue.

You can still find remnents of this once great network on YouTube, and in Canada.

So, the happy news...

TechTV verterans and internet media moguls, Chris Pirillo and Leo Laporte are setting out to create a place, called UndoTV, where TechTV alumni can go and post their work. Although they are involved in different projects, this site will act as a portal of sorts to all of their work.

Says Pirillo on the project:

Leo and I have discussed a few core values this impending structure must support, the most revolutionary of which is content producers owning 100% of their contributions. We want to enable former TechTV talent to upload new and existing content, and we want to bring new talent into the fold as well. Sales will also be an important part of this process, so we’d also like to help match sponsorship with these personalities."

He also goes on to provide the reasoning behind the name UndoTV.

This is all very exciting. TechTV was a very large part of my daily viewing habbits for the majority of my teens. Now in my twenties, the media produced by the various personalities (podcasts, vidcasts, etc) are also very important to me. Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, etc, have long since been heroes of mine, and I am looking forward to seeing them do this all again. On their own terms.

Oh, also of note, Leo's media network gets about 5x more listeners/viewers then G4's highest rated shows. How's bout dem apples.


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