Tuesday, January 03, 2006

RIAA Tries New Scare Tactics

This is humorous to me.

Visitors to the site are being shown their own IP address and told that it was "LOGGED" (in all capital letters) -- as if there's something illegal about visiting the website. Rather than worry people, this is mostly just causing people to laugh at the RIAA."

Here is a little bit of a disclaimer as to why:

If you can read this, then you have therefore come to my website, http:/fifthturtle.blogspot.com, and I can know a creepy amount of information about you if I so choose. This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Your IP Address
  • Your Geographical Location (within about 10 miles at max)
  • Your ISP
  • Your browser, OS and monitor resolution
  • The page you visited before you came to my site
  • The page you visited when you left my site
  • The page you came in on, how long you stayed there, what you looked at, what other pages you went to, how long you stayed there, and what page you left on.
This is a short list of what I can know.

Disclaimer II: Every website on the this ... this amalgamate cauldron of mass information overload known as the ineffable INTERNET can, and does, know this information. It's an unofficial agreement that you, the user, enter into with the Internet by delving into its vast ... uhh ... services.

Webmasters, marketers, site executives, CEOs, whoever, use this information mostly to help target site needs, make crucial decisions among other things. They are largely just statistics. It is nothing personal. You really shouldn't be afraid. Or should you?

Well, the Recording Industy Asses of America have decided that they can scare you by cluing you into this phenominon in a cryptic, and, yet, laughable manner. See for yourself by following the electronic breadcrumbs below.

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