Friday, January 06, 2006

10 Amazing Architecture Wonders of the New China

China's current building boom is doing more than sucking up the world's supply of steel, it's creating a stage for some of today's boldest architecture and engineering. Take a tour of the 10 of the most intriguing examples."

I have got to get myself to China sometime within the next 40 years.

I have always had a private adoration for archetecture in its various forms, having, at one moment in time, desired to be an architect. I can't draw well enough.

I really can't.

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  • China has drawn much criticism for spending big bucks on building monuments with out-of-the-world designs by foreign big names. Examples are the bird-nest design of the staduim for 2008 Olympics and the CCTV tower.

    By Blogger Pei Zuan Tam, at 1:33 AM  

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