Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Michael Caine thinks Baltimore is lame

Michael Caine
So, apparently, Michael Caine (Alfred from Batman Begins) is not too keen on shooting scenes from the upcoming Bat-sequel in my home town of Baltimore.

In related news, the sequel to Batman Begins entitled The Dark Knight will be filming in Baltimore.

From Superherohype:
Veteran entertainment journalist Army Archerd recently talked to actor Michael Caine, who revealed that the upcoming Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight will be shooting in Hong Kong, London, L.A. and of all places, Baltimore.

"Baltimore!" Caine exclaims in the interview. "What will happen in Baltimore?"

[UPDATE: Turns out that Michael Caine was talking about a different Baltimore somewhere in the UK. I'm not the only one who got this wrong. Lots of other traditional news outlets thought he meant Maryland as well]

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