Wednesday, June 21, 2006

WSJ Hosts DRM Debate

The Wall Street Journal has published a debate over digital rights management (DRM) technologies between a senior executive of the MPAA and a law professor specializing in intellectual property issues. It is definitely worth a read, if nothing else, to show how absolutely grave this issue is. To see some of the things this MPAA guy says is truly scary.

Like run for the hills and live life as a hermit effing scary.

Also, IPac has a very good blog post, entitled DRM debate debunked: Let's count the lies, in which IPac supreme overload Jake Fisher thoroughly debunks each and every one of the lies of spouted off by the MPAA stooge.

I honestly fear for future generations. The MPAA and RIAA (especially!) are becoming increasingly obsolete as technology improves and time goes on. They know this. The problem, however, is how much of our Legislative Branch that they outright own. Because they know that their place in this ever changing and improving (I'm optimistic) world is becoming increasingly small (nice paradox), they are trying to cement themselves into law, so that they can't simply dissipate off into oblivion as they should.

I see our time has gotten stale / The tick tock of the clock is painful


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