Thursday, March 30, 2006

When to Say 'I Love You'

While it's perfectly normal to proclaim your love for your pet cat or NASCAR racing, pairing the L-word with your sweetie's name might not roll off the tongue so easily. And according to a recent poll of 14,000 men and women, we're an extremely cautious lot. It's probably a no-brainer that many people (29 percent) thought a week or two is too soon to profess your feelings. But about as many (26 percent) thought a month or two was jumping the gun, and the majority of people polled (32 percent) think you should keep your lips zipped for a whopping six whole months. Interestingly (and a bit sadly, if you ask us), 13 percent admit they never say 'I love you' at all!

I feel sorry for that 13% of people. One of the things I enjoy most in the world is sharing with someone that I love them.

And here comes the advice:

But waiting for the other person to make the first move isn't always a smart idea either. "Healthy relationships aren't played out like poker games, waiting for the other person to show their hand," Masini points out. If you're feeling shy, Masini suggests taking baby steps to vocalize your feelings, using phrases like "You mean so much to me" or "You're really special," until you're comfortable working up to the three little words that carry so much weight. That way, you can gauge whether your partner is receptive and feels completely ready when (and if!) it's time to really share how you feel.

I think that makes sense. Especially the bit about the poker game. But then again, few things in life are ever simple, so ...

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