Friday, February 03, 2006

Review: Submersed Shines In Due Time

If you have long since feared the death of music at the hands of MTV, Britney Spears and the so-called "mash-up," it may now be safe to say that the outlook of musical longevity is looking good.

Very good.

At least if the future of music lies in the hands, the voice, and the wake of a young band from Stephenville, Texas, who aptly call themselves Submersed. This five-man barrage is not afraid to "dive below" the shallow surface of most modern music, ask the "big questions" and blow apart rock, nay music in general, right at its roots. Front man Donald Carpenter draws you in with his mature, emotional lyrics, while his vocal prowess that flawlessly combines melodic overtones with the quintessential rock growl will leave you floored. This, combined with a deluge of musical talent, from engaging guitar riffs that would make Iommi and Hetfield proud, to intelligent bass lines and complimentary, meticulously crafted drum tracks, allows Submersed to channel the rock gods that came before them while still achieving their own sound and identity.

Produced by Mark Tremonti (of Creed and Alter Bridge), Submersed's freshman outing for Wind-Up Records, In Due Time (2004) may have arrived just in time to initiate a rock renaissance.

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