Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Broadcast Flag starring in Liquid Hot Magma

So it appears that the notorious "Broadcast Flag" has once again been resurrected. I think that -- at this exigency -- it is becoming eminently clear that Digital Content Nazis will not rest until their insatiable hunger for supreme world domination is met.

Wasn't this thing just defeated a month ago? Didn't a United States court rule that a regulation of this nature was inconstitutionally overstepping the bounds of FCC and government authority? Just throw in a few more sesquipedalians and bullshit lawyer jargon, change the title, simmer and serve. It seems to be the world in which we live.

"At first you don't succeed, try, try again. Or sue everyone."

At any rate, Boing Boing has a great article about these cryptorchidistic assholes. I am particularly enamored with this part:

There are two things to be certain of this century:

1. Everything that can be expressed as bits will be expressed as bits
2. Bits will only get easier to copy

The entertainment companies are convinced that their businesses depend on copy-proof bits. This is ridiculous: there's no such thing, there never will be.

Governments that try to protect businesses that demand copy-proof bits are like governments that try to protect businesses on the sides of volcanoes, who demand an immediate end to business-disrupting lava.

If the current entertainment companies can't or won't adapt to a world of bits, that's too bad. Let them die, and let new businesses that thrive in the new technological reality take their place. If you can't stand the heat, get off the volcano.

Dear Digital Content Nazis,

Copy-protection only hurts honest people. Pirates and theives are quite knowledgable in circumventing these needless shackles you place upon us for trying to enjoy the content you create. You are not impeding them, even slightly. But you are impeding my ability to enjoy it, and turning us all into criminals in the process.

I love music. I love television. I love movies.

I'm going to enjoy it however I effing want, whether I am allowed to pay for it or not.

Give me the freedom to enjoy your content. Let me pay your for it.

With Love,


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