Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gamestop to Customers: Can I get you some anal lube in place of that X360 you ordered?

From digg:

Gamestop has taken pre-orders & deposit money from thousands of customers. Some of these pre-orders were made as early as last summer. They have ignored these obligations. Instead of routing inventory to the stores with pre-orders (all of them!) they have decided to sell their stock of 360 units online in expensive and overpriced bundles."

I was one of the lucky few who pre-ordered the day after XBox 360 MTV special. I sure hope this isn't true because I know some pretty pissed off people who will be even more pissed off. This sounds more like an EBGames tactic.

Wait, didn't Gamestop just buy EB.....

Looks like EB is eating Gamestop from the inside out.

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